Welcome 2 the Counter Resistance!

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Welcome 2 the Counter Resistance!

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:31 pm

after i got the boot from Twitter-and with all the garbage going on with Resist-i decided it'd be nice to have safe place to talk about a counter resistance.Look,we can't put up with the crap anymore,can we? The left is organized,well funded and when someone says jump,they all say how high.
I've got to ad a few starter topics or hopefully someone will jump in here and get some started

We are going to have to come up with some action plans.All we need is creative and/or DETERMINED Trump supporters.We're getting beat up alot.
Introduce yourself and how we can keep in contact via social media ie Twitter,Periscope,You tube etc

We also have to make sure we stand behind and support our POTUS.
The left will be more than glad to help us out with any attacks we may have,even if we mean well.The one thing they've learned to do well is stand by their own no matter what-and we eat our own no matter what.We can't do that anymore. We have to trust that Pres Trump has the best interests of the country at heart.Had it been Hillary it was over.We should remind  ourselves of that now and then.

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