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The forum is set to allow ALL to read.In order to reply or comment requires MEMBERSHIP.The ONLY reason there is [this] restriction is to keep trolls out.(Now if a troll manages to get membership they'll be banned IMMEDIATELY.By email,IP and name.They won't be back).
The Blog is for members only.To read each blog entry in full just click on the title.
You can host images here or insert by url.
You can use a signature in all posts by setting it up in your profile.
Private messages can be sent back and forth through the messages feature if you want to use the feature.If not,block it.
You can also set up a poll as a post.Scroll down to access the poll set up.You'll see where it says ADD POLL.
At the bottom of the board there is a CHAT room. It works very well except one little hitch that you can go around easily. You may be logged into the forum.You will see on the chat box there is a link that says log in.There's the catch.You have to log in there as well.Once you're logged into the forum it only takes a second to log into the chat.You don't have to sign up again.If you want to use the chat for a specific time and date just post it. It's open anytime;naturally there has to be someone online to have someone to chat with.
Free speech here people except for attacking other members.
No nudes,no porn,no bigotry.That's it.Laid back.No thought police. @
Now as far as the resist people go;the Obama admin,Clintons & the Never Trumpers(to name a few)have at it.They deserve to be exposed.
That's why it's called the Counter Resistance.

Any questions,need help or not quite sure how something works, post it in the help category.Will get on it pronto.
If it's a problem beyond the usual,I'll take it to the Support forum.They're just a little slow so we'll try to get ya fixed up before we resort to that.

Last,but not least,please  introduce yourself and how to contact you via social media,EXCEPT your email addy of course.Tell us a bit about yourself.If you have a website,blog or other site related to Trump feel free to share a link.
With that,welcome to CR and thank you for stopping in.Hope you'll join.


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